#11.No Pregnancy Scares.

Birth control?!?! NOT FOR YOU, MY FRIEND. No unexpected babies in your future, no matter how much you’re doin’ it. No panic attacks when your period is late. Your period is late for a few days, it’s all good! You know why? Because you’re a lesbian, that’s why. Your woman’s genitals do not and never will produce a pregnancy-inducing substance. So you can have sex more, and worry less!

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Not having to worry about getting pregnant after sex is like not having to worry about calories after a bucket of fried chicken. It’s a freeing experience and it makes sex something you want to do all the time.

#12.Synchronized Periods

Your periods suck less. Chances are, if you’re a lesbian, you won’t be stuck without feminine care products, and you always have someone who can handle and understand your PMS. Lesbians don’t think of periods as something foreign, gross, or sex-inhibiting. Your partner will also allow you to be your grumpy, oversized sweatshirt and baggy pants-wearing, chocolate binge-eating self when it’s that time of the month.
you can both be “moody and emotional” together. I used to joke to my guy friends about their girlfriends’ periods. I’d tease them and ask how they were coping with “Shark Week,” and 99 percent of the time, they would moan and grumble. Thankfully, with synchronized periods, “Shark Week” only comes once a month, and we share in each other’s pain.

#13.You can try out man parts without the man.(If you want)

There’s a girl-on-girl solution for that, and it’s called a strap-on. And it pretty much gives you all the perks of having sex with a penis, minus the risk of STDs and unwanted pregnancies. The best part is that you can take turns with wearing the strap-on! (Not all the lesbians love this idea but some do)

#14.Crying isn’t a sign of weakness.


Women understand another woman’s need to cry. It’s refreshing to be able to cry and not be judged, laughed at, or labelled as weak. It’s also a huge relief when the one you’re crying to won’t suddenly panic and start running away. Crying can be a sign of strength, empathy, and warm-heartedness, and it’s nice to be able to express it with someone who understands.

#15.Double Your Wardrobe.

Is there anything better than being able to share wardrobes with your significant other? So it’s kind of like you have a whole other world of clothes waiting for you, when you get in a new relationship. It’s a win-win.
Sure, this one isn’t necessarily a guarantee, but there is a damn high probability that you’ll have double the chambray shirts, endless flannels, and lots of new t-shirts to steal wear. Bonus points for same shoe size!.

#16.Easy Gifting

While guys are fairly easy to shop for, girls are easier. Not to mention, what you buy your girlfriend, you can also use. It’s a two-for-one deal. If you like that wool sweater from H&M, buy it for your girlfriend and you can share it!

#17.Laying in Bed Together Feels Luxurious.

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Laying in bed with another girl feels like heaven on earth. Cuddling, talking, laughing, and heaps of affection in bed are some of the best reasons to love being a lesbian. Interchangeable spooning is another added benefit, along with feeling the smooth curves of the girl you’re with.

#18.Check Out Other Girls, Without Getting In Trouble

When a guy looks at another girl, hell freezes over. When a lesbian looks at another woman, it can be because her outfit is great, and we are taking note of that spring coat or dress she’s rockin’.

#19.Body hair? No biggie.

Forgetting to shave or opting to grow body hair out a little longer than usual doesn’t typically scare a lesbian. It’s actually comforting to know your partner won’t run screaming if your armpits have some noticeable stubble. Some men think women with a bit of grown-out body hair are bohemian feminist weirdos, but women know that it can be a pain in the butt to maintain a hair-free body at all times.

#20.You Get to Make Out With Girls.

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Making out with girls is awesome for a hundred gazillion reasons. One being the increased potential for flavored lip gloss. Who doesn’t love strawberries with their make-out session?!

*.Not much of a stretch. For many straight men, going gay is a pretty big stretch. Women on the other hand tend to be more sexually fluid. This isn’t true for all women of course but for many, it’s an easy transition.

See? Being a lesbian is great!
Being a woman who loves women is something to be proud of! Aside from being able to break away from the traditional feminine roles imposed upon women, you’re also able to enjoy these benefits of being a lesbian!

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