Whether you’re well-versed in lesbianhood, a total newbian, or just curious about the positive aspects of being gay-as-hell, this list is sure to help you understand exactly why being a lesbian is so goddamn wonderful.

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If you’ve never thought about being a lesbian you aren’t thinking straight (no pun intended). Lesbianism is a great option for any woman. A word of caution though, you may start to feel like all of your straight friends are missing out on something… and they probably are!

So the heterosexuals take up majority of the population, the bisexuals get the best of both worlds, and the try-sexuals get to experiment with anyone, anytime. What’s the perk of being a lesbian that all other sexual preferences won’t get to enjoy?

To prove my point, here are the reasons why I think we are awesome.

#1.Better communication.

Women are often better at communicating than men, for the most part. Or rather, they are more understanding of women and their need to talk about their feelings because they are women themselves. Women understand the need for effective communication as a means of sharing love, trust, and intimacy.

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If I had a dollar for every time one of my girlfriends told me her boyfriend/husband just never listens or doesn’t share his feelings, I could buy myself a roundtrip to Vegas. Women are naturally more open to communicating and sharing, which makes the relationship somewhat easier. You know if there’s a problem, it isn’t because there’s a lack of communication. On the contrary, there might be too much communication. But, hey, who’s complaining? Listening and communication is the foundation of any strong relationship.

#2.Gender/Relationship Role.

We’ve all heard the clichéd saying, “The man wears the pants in the relationship,” but when you’re a lesbian, you don’t have to worry about this! You can take turns wearing the pants, or better yet, share the pant-wearing responsibility in the relationship. Want equality in a relationship? Being a lesbian will give you that.

#3.Soft Skin.

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My girlfriend has many amazing features and qualities: She has a great personality; she’s smart and has a great laugh. But, one thing I love is how soft her skin is. I could run my fingers all over her body and just be mesmerized by the smoothness of it. Sure, guys can have smooth skin, but is it as smooth as a woman’s? Women just seem to naturally have better skin. Guys, next time you’re with your girlfriend, feel her skin and tell me I’m wrong!

#4.Girls kiss better.

If you’ve made out with guys and girls you should know that women are just better at making out in every way. They are gentle and meticulous. It’s just an all around better experience.

#5.More foreplay.

Ask a bunch of straight girls what their biggest complaints are when it comes to sex, and a large majority will complain about the lack of foreplay. Not only do lesbians love foreplay, but they recognize the need and importance of properly getting in the mood, before jumping into sex full-force. Sex just feels better when the arousal builds up to the main event.

#6.The world is your make-out oyster.

You can make-out in dressing rooms and public bathrooms and pretty much anywhere you ever want ever…

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You’re both allowed in the girl’s washroom. What does this mean for you? Spontaneous make-out sessions, random groping, hugs *just because*, and other things that hetero couples can’t do. All the more reason to smugly take note of where the bathrooms are located when you enter a public building, so you can feel all rebellious while not breaking any bathroom rules.

#7.You know each other’s bodies on an instinctual level.

Having sex with another woman is great because you share the same parts, so you automatically know more than any guy does about the basics of what feels good. There’s not much guessing involved, even though each girl is different and likes different things, so you’re still a step ahead of the game.

You’ll also be able to better recognize the signs of what she likes and doesn’t like, based on her reactions. Oh, and it’s also harder to fake an orgasm *although, why would you?*, because you’ll be with a woman who’s had her fair share of real orgasms.

#8.Longer sex sessions.

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Sex with a woman requires more time. It is a give and take of pleasure, requires keen attention to detail, and usually involves multiple rounds of orgasms. Sex for lesbians is not just a quick means of getting off. It’s an intimate, sacred, and emotional act, so it’s only right that it be enjoyed for a longer period of time.
(Communication and emotions together equals great sex.)

#9.No wondering if you’ll have an orgasm.

Straight sex is pretty much a guessing game for a woman in terms of whether or not she’ll have an orgasm *unless, of course, she’s with a guy who’ll move mountains to give her one*. But if you’re with a woman who happens to already know what’s going on down there, you can be sure that every sexual encounter will end with two very satisfied ladies.

#10.More options in the toy drawer.


Toys are not as taboo with women as they might be for some men. Where straight couples introduce toys to spice things up, some lesbians use them frequently, and they don’t judge their partner for using them to get off on their own. Lesbians just know that toys are like the shortcut to sexual satisfaction because sometimes you’re just plain lazy, and that’s perfectly okay!

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