Rating : 7.3/10
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Created by: Joshua Ray Malan, Kirsten Strough
Production: Lady Les Bois
Stars: Yesii Henriquez, Matthew Kelly, Katie Preston

A lesbian artist searches for love and acceptance. Easy enough, if only she wasn’t terrified of human interaction.

We’ll be invited to follow the adventures of Jenna, a gifted artist and moderately successful professional with severe social anxiety. On the surface, her journey plays out through dating and romantic misadventures; but underneath, this is a story about Jenna falling in love with herself. Hijinks, some misinterpreted signals, and a little heartache pave the way for Jenna’s acceptance of her shy, awkward self as someone worthwhile and worthy of happiness. She’d just prefer not to talk about it.

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Categories: Web Series

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